Assignment #6 Russia in a Day

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Due April 15th

This activity recounts some of the most important events and themes in Russia's long history.  Statements are listed in chronological order, but key words are left out.  Unfortunately, your World History (orange) book does not include Russia and our World Geography book (blue) is not written chronologically.  So while some of the story is told in the textbook, most of the information comes from other sources. 

The following sources may be helpful in helping you piece the story together.  However, you may use other internet sources or do your own search.  

World Geography book:  pages 372, 422-426, 428-430 (see numbers 3, 2, and 1)

To help you put the story of Russia together, you may use the word bank below. A separate document is also posted on Canvas if you want to print out the words.  A word in the word bank will only be used once. I recommend looking up any words you do not know to help you fill in the correct blanks.

abdicate        Baltic             Berlin          Black            Bolsheviks       
Catherine    Chechnya    collective  command  communism     
competition    czar            elected       escaping     fifteen                
glasnost        Great             guard           ideas             independence 
inflation         Iron                Lenin           Lithuania     Marx                  
media             millions       Napoleon   nuclear         perestroika     
port           privatization   Putin         quality                restricted
serfs              shortages  Siberia          single                  Soviet
ten                 Terrible       territory      totalitarian      troops
Ukraine       Vietnam     winter           worship             Yeltsin

Another strategy is to use contextual clues. For example, if your blank is a last name, you will not put "Vietnam" in that space. Although Canvas calls this a "quiz" you can redo the assignment as many times as you need to complete the story 100%.

Due April 15th (after Spring break) 


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