Course Syllabus

8th Grade Integrated Science
Integrated science focuses on an overall theme for the class.  Each unit is connected and the things we talk about will build on what we already know. Many different focuses in science are taught throughout the course of the year. It is very important that you be on time to class and that you try to be in class everyday. 


Grades:  Students grades are based in content mastery. 90% of their letter grade will be determined by their ability to demonstrate understanding of content. This will be done with various assessment types, such as Mastery Check Quizzes, Tests, Projects, and Labs. 10% of their grade is participation based. This includes turning in assignments on time, participation in class, group work, etc.

Final Grade Breakdown by %
A   100 - 90
A-   89.99 - 85
B+  84.99 - 80
B    79.99 - 75
B-   74.99 - 70
C+  69.99 - 65
C    64.99 - 60
C-   59.99 - 55
D+  54.99 - 50
D    49.99 - 45
D-   44.99 - 40
F    39.99 - 0

In compliance with the Disabilities Act, students needing special accommodations may contact the instructor for alternative arrangements.

Sluffing / Truancy: If you skip class any work due or assigned that day will receive a zero with no chance to make it up. You will also receive a “U” citizenship grade that can not be made up. 

Quizzes and Tests: Most of your grade will be determined by your quiz and test scores. Please be prepared to take them the day they are scheduled. If you are absent, you will need to come before or after school after the test to make it up.  If you fail a test or quiz or what a better grade you can come in before or after school for a retake. You will need to study before a retake.

Retakes: These will take place before or after school.You will be having a conversation with Mr. Hughes to test your understanding of the material. If it is longer than five school days after we take an assessment, you will need to sign-up to do a re-take. In order to sign-up you will need to talk to Mr. Hughes and he may require extra work to ensure that you know what you need to know to pass the assessment. You will get the highest score that you earn on the retake. There is no penalty for retakes. 

Composition Notebooks: these will be used for all of the work that takes place in class. Notes, assignments, experiments, data and observations will be recorded and kept in this notebook. Please make sure that you bring the notebook each day and do not lose it. Towards the end of the term there will be a notebook check where your notebook will be graded. This grade will be part of the 10% that is not assessments. 

Late for class: The TMS tardy policy will be followed. You will be late if you are not in class when the bells starts to ring. You will not be able to take any quizzes that are given at the first of the class if you are late. These quizzes will need to be made-up to receive credit.

Absences: Most of the important information that you miss can be found on the webpage. You are responsible to get any missed notes, and talk to Mr. Hughes if you need any help understanding the work that you missed. There will be no extra accommodations made for absences.

In-class Technology: You will be required to follow all district and school computer use agreements, as well as any that are established in class. If they fail to follow the rules, they will be required to do the work out of class, or complete a different assignment that does not use electronic devices. 

FEES AND SUPPLIES: You will attend class each day ready and prepared. To be prepared for class, you should have all of the following each day in class.
Composition Notebook
Pen or Pencil

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