Course Syllabus


Business Digital Literacy

  Disclosure Document

 Teacher:  Mrs. Smith

   Class:  A3, A4, B7, B8


                                           Room:  C112

 Course Description:    

Business Digital Literacy is an introductory course designed to help students become more computer literate by introducing Keyboarding & learning the basics of Information Technology, Digital Tools, & Programming. Students will use technology and develop skills that encourage creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, connectivity, and culture. Students will complete this course in preparation for the high school Digital Studies requirement.

 Course Goals:   

 In successfully completing this course, students will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Keyboarding - Demonstrate an acceptable level of keyboarding skill & proper technique.
  • Information Technology Basics – Network architecture, hardware, software, & troubleshooting.
  • Digital Tool Basics – Fundamentals of Internet structure, use, & browsers. Use Microsoft Office for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, & databases. Utilize Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro for image, audio, & video editing.
  • Programming Basics – HTML/CSS/Javascript/Python will be introduced & fundamental concepts of computing.

Class Rules:                                              

At Timberline Middle School, students are taught school-wide behavioral expectations, called the Grizzly Guide. The Grizzly Guide states that students are respectful, responsible, resourceful and brave.Teachers at Timberline specifically teach the Grizzly Guide and reinforce it by distributing “Pawsitive” Tickets, which students can exchange for prizes.

When a student’s behavior is contrary to the Grizzly Guide, he or she is re-taught the behavioral expectations with immediate feedback from an adult. If the student repeats the inappropriate behavior after being re-taught, teachers may provide an opportunity to re-direct the student’s behavior through a Think Time, where the student completes a reflective worksheet, and apology. Major behavioral infractions, such as physical violence or vandalism, result in an office referral.

See the online Student Handbook for more information about the Grizzly Guide and Timberline’s school-wide positive behavior plan.

Helpful Information

Participation from every student is required.  Student’s participation will be graded on the following items each day and is worth 5 points daily:

{1 pt. = starting Edutype on time (first 20 minutes of class), 2 pt. = using time wisely (completing assignments), 1 pt. = participating in class (listening and following directions), 1 pt. = (using correct technique while typing}

 Required Materials:

Students must bring a pen or pencil & a pair of headphones (compatible with school computers) to class every period.  Each student is assigned a computer and will be responsible for its care.  Any damage to the equipment or system is assessed for the replacement cost of the computer.     

Grading Policy:

Grades are based on five categories:  tests (40%), assignments (40%), and participation (20%).  Grades will be given according to the following scale:


                                             100-94                 A                            79-77                    C+     

                                             93-90                    A-                          76-74                    C

                                             89-87                    B+                         73-70                    C-

                                             86-84                    B                           69-67                    D+

                                             83-80                    B-                          66-64                    D

Homework Policy:

Students will only have homework if they do not finish assigned work in class or are absent.  Students who are absent for any reason must check Canvas and make up missed work.

Attendance & Citizenship Policy:

The attendance & citizenship policy is found in your student handbook and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Timberline Middle School offers education to all enrolled and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, disability, or national origin. Students who have a problem with another student or any school employee should talk to the school administration or a counselor about their concerns. Students needing special accommodations are encouraged to contact the instructor for alternative arrangements.

Course Summary:

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